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  1 oh4a antenna damage pic jan2012. picture by oh2msu. 800x600 resolution 10 better than new oh4a 80m 2el. repairing ended and operating is about to start. picture by jukka oh6li  
  800x600 (130.3k) 800x600 (159.8k)

  2 bent oh4a 80m 2el. repairing about to start. picture by jukka oh6li 20120811_oh0v_tower_2_highest_shackles_and_clamps_for_steel_cable_pulleys_with_the_getaberg_sightseeing_tower_on_the_back._picture_by_kari_oh4ka  
  800x600 (158.8k) 800x600 (139.8k)

  20120811_oh4ka_atop_oh0v_tower_2_setting_up_pulleys_for_hoisting_more_antennas 20120812_oh0v  
  800x600 (131.9k) 800x600 (137.3k)

  20130825 oh0v antenna pic from the sightseeing tower 20131014 oh0v at sunrise _web  
  3264x2448 (1043.2k) 800x600 (119.3k)

  3 oh4a 80m 2el is tilted for lowering. mikko oh4xx on tower. picture by jukka oh6li. 800x600pixels 7 oh4a tower 1 when installing 80m 2el. notice the elements bend in the rather high wind. picture by oh4ka  
  800x600 (112.0k) 600x800 (128.7k)

  8 mikko oh4xx attaching oh4a 80m2el yagi to tower. picture by oh4ka. 900x675 pixels 9 mikko oh4xx and oh4a 80m 2el yagi up 37m. picture copyright timo jaatinen oh6ym _900x600res  
  900x675 (186.4k) 900x600 (95.4k)

  a_m2._from_top_40m2_20m4_10m4_15m4_on_the_upper_bearing_80m_sloper_and_3pcs_160m_half_slopers_10m4_15m4_20m4_10m4_40m4_and_below_tree_top_line_another_20m4 esign_a_little_easier._the_current_ultra_fast_4_core_computers_can_not_handle_paddle_cw_without_special_hardware._we_already_have_too_much_special_hardware  
  600x800 (127.4k) 800x600 (165.2k)

  oh0v oh4a 2el eu quad  
  800x600 (98.5k) 600x800 (176.3k)

  oh4a m1. from top 20m4 15m4 10m4 80m2ll on the upper bearing 3pcs 160m half slopers 10m4 15m4 20m4 10m4 40m2ll 20m4.  tower top is at about 43 meters and the lowest antenna about 19 meters from the tower base oh4a  
  600x800 (125.6k) 221x166 (9.4k)

  oh4a_beam_steering_main_control_switches._we_can_select_any_combination_of_everything_we_have_using_this_compact_switch_arrangement oh4a_is_in_rural_area._also_other_activities_than_just_contesting_are_possible._rhododendron_in_the_picture  
  800x600 (169.3k) 800x600 (368.6k)

  300x399 (82.2k)

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